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SOFTWARE CREDITS SUMMARY                             1991- Current

TOWERBORNE (coming soon)

Principle Design Director (MS) | Combat Director, Animation Choreography (working on Team with Stoic Studios)

Killer Instinct 10th Anniversary Update (XBOX ONE, Win10, Steam- coming fall 2023)

Product Champion/Head of Killer Instinct

Tell Me Why? (XBOX ONE, Win10, Steam)

Expert 3C’S Advisor

Killer Instinct Season 3 (XBOX ONE, Win10, Steam)

Design Director, Animation Choreography

Killer Instinct Season 2 (XBOX ONE)

Design Director, Animation Choreography

Ryse: Son of Rome (XBOX ONE)

Lead Combat Designer, Assistant Motion Capture Director, Animation/Choreography Advisor

Killer Instinct Season 1(XBOX ONE)

Expert Consultant, Combat Design Support, Animation/Choreography Advisor

Darksiders 2 (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Principle Game Designer (Samael Boss)

Titan (now Overwatch (PC, in production)

Senior Designer Level II, Combat Designer, Animation/Choreography Advisor

Diablo III (PC, Consoles)

Additional Design, Combat & Animation Advisor

Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO (PC)

Principle Combat Designer, Animation/Choreography Advisor

Shred Nebula (Xbox 360 Arcade)

Game Director, Animation Choreography

The Da Vinci Code (Xbox, PS2, PC)

Character Gameplay Scripting

Marc Ecko’s Getting Up (Xbox, PS2, PC)

Contract Combat Designer, Animation/Choreography Advisor

StarCraft Ghost (Unreleased)

Contract Game Designer, 3C’s, Animation/Choreography Advisor

World of WarCraft (PC)

Contract Game Designer, 3C’s Advisor

Criminal (Xbox, PS2 -Unreleased)

Project Director, Lead Combat Designer, Animation Choreography

Indiana Jones (Xbox, PS2)

Additional Design, Gameplay Scripting

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Xbox)

Co-Team Leader, Lead Combat/Character Gameplay Designer, Motion Capture Director, Animation Choreography

Savage Quest (Coin-Op)

Director of Development, Producer

Skins Game (Coin-Op)

Green Light Pitch and Concept Design

Tenth Degree (Coin-Op, unreleased)

Game Director, Lead Combat Designer, Animation Choreography

WeaponLord (SNES and Genesis)

Producer, Lead Gameplay/Combat Designer, Animation Choreography

Pac-Man 2: T.N.A. (SNES, Genesis)

Product Manager

Super Street Fighter II (Coin-Op)

Support Designer, Character Designer (Dee-Jay)

Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting (Coin-Op)

Co- Lead Designer, Master Game Balancer, Project Manager

Street Fighter II Champion Edition (Coin-Op)

Design Apprentice, Game Balance Advisor, Project Manager

Dungeons and Dragons (Coin-Op)

Design Apprentice, Product Manager, License Manager

Dark Stalkers (Coin-Op)

Design Consultant

Alien vs. Predator (Coin-Op)

Design Apprentice, Product Manager, License Manager

The Punisher (Coin-Op)

Design Apprentice, Product Manager, License Manager

Cadillac’s and Dinosaurs (Coin-Op)

Design Apprentice, Product Manager, License Manager

Slam Masters (Coin-Op)

Design Apprentice, Product Manager, Game Balance Advisor

Captain Commando (Coin-Op)

Product Manager

3 Wonders (Coin-op)

Product Manager




Game Pro’s Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting Strategy Guide (Lead Author and Expert Consultant)

Game Pro’s Street Fighter II Strategy Guide (Expert Consultant)



·         Game Director specializing in creating world-class character gameplay, combat design and animation.


·         32 years of game development experience spanning Arcade, PC and Console platforms.


·         Extensive character gameplay design, hands on implementation and creative leadership experience for cross-discipline collaboration and coordination of all aspects of character gameplay and encounter production.


·         Comprehensive fighting and combat gameplay experience covering planning, systems, engine and tools, creative direction, animation direction, motion capture direction, implementation and final tuning.


·         Expertise in the design and implementation of character gameplay animation state managers, layered/blending animation behaviors and player control timing required to get AAA “look and feel”.


·         Well versed in full range of game design challenges from high level direction and theory to the hands on execution of core game systems for player control, AI, weapons, level spawning, master balance etc.


·         Unrivaled passion and experience in solving gameplay design vs. animation timing/look challenges, creatively and technically directing both sides to achieve great looking and feeling in-game results.


·         Experienced in the use of latency hiding techniques in the design of class abilities and supporting systems for online play, including multiple genres (Fighting, Action-RPG, MMO, FPS) of PvP and PvE games.


·         Strong documentation and communication skills covering design documents, visualization of game mechanics, best practices/training materials, pitch treatments and presentation, public speaking, etc. 



Software:                        MS Office, Photoshop, Project Management Tools, MS Viso.

Programming/Scripting:    C++, Proprietary scripting text and visual based languages.

Level Editors:                  Proprietary Editors similar to Unreal Ed.

Engines and Tools:          Extensive knowledge and use of 20+ proprietary engines and tools and UE5

Pipelines:                        Character animation (hand, mo-cap, procedural, physics), control/input, collision

                                      (character, world, projectile), level creation, level event gameplay, master game

                                      balance/difficulty tuning.

Other:                             Wwyse, Morpheme, 3D Modeling Software, Audacity.

Adaptability:                     Rapid mastery of new tools, pipelines and working with engine capabilities.


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE                                                                   1990- Present

Sega Of America, Capcom USA, Namco Hometek, Interplay Productions, Dead-On Design, Atari Games, Interactive Light, Collective Studios, CrunchTime Games, Bioware Austin, Blizzard Entertainment, Vigil Games, Microsoft | Xbox Studios

Full Bio Available on request.

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